Skin Gun – Courtesy Your Own Stem Cells


Don’t be afraid to watch this video. I was because of the thumbnail, but it’s not at all horrible.

This people, is why it’s important to do scientific research. Scientists are not always right and do need to be watched and regulated lest they go all Dr. Frankenstein on us. But carefully controlled and monitored scientific research, especially on really touchy subjects, (stem cell research) can yield wonderful life changing and life saving results.

PS… The video is nowhere near as gruesome as the thumbnail would have you believe. It took me 5 minutes of reading the youtube comments to be sure I could stomach it. I’m super squeamish about skin and eye stuff.


Crocodiles Can Do What Now?!?

Crocodiles Can Do What Now?!?

I heard about this on “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me” a few weeks ago. When I heard the story I said to myself, “They have got to be kidding!”

Turns out “they” were not. There are studies and photographic evidence to back this up! This throwback to the cretaceous period has gone ninja and can now climb trees.
It’s not bad enough that their jaws can snap our bones like twigs, and that they can hold their breath for a really long time underwater. Now they can ambush us from above?

Thank God they can’t fly!

Now there’s an even better reason to keep your eyes open at all times when visiting Florida.

And you thought a bird pooping on you was bad.

Doggone it Primary Visual Cortex!

Fuck You Brain!

Well, that’s what I wanted to yell when I saw this illusion and the explanation that followed.

Cornsweet illusion my ass, this is sorcery!

Seriously though,the two squares are the same color. Don’t believe me right? Put your finger across the middle of the picture where they meet, I’ll wait.


It’s amazing how relatively easily our brain can be “fooled”. It’s no wonder that they’re having such a hard time with the self driving cars and all. How are the car’s computers supposed to distinguish what’s real and what’s a shadow when we can barely do it ourselves?