Yeah, who the hell is Bass Reaves you might be wondering. Boy band member, trap artist, rap star? No, no and no.

Wild Bill Hickock, Bat Masterson, Wyatt Earp, we all know the names. They are some of the baddest, toughest and most successful lawmen of their time.

We unfortunately have never heard the name Bass Reeves, until now. He was one of the best lawmen of the west, who in his career, racked up more arrests than Hickok, Earp and Masterson combined! And he did it all without ever taking a bullet in the line of duty.

Mind you he was shot at plenty, by several bad guys, and had several hats ruined, but he always escaped unharmed.

It’s a shame that there has never been a movie made of this character. The story of the first black deputy US Marshal would be a compelling, inspiring and Oscar worthy movie.

He was the first black deputy US Marshal, built his house with his bare hands, spoke Native American dialects, had ten kids, had to arrest his own son for murder, arrested over THREE THOUSAND(!) bad guys and was believed to be the real life inspiration for the Lone Ranger!

COME ON! What more do you need? Where is his movie already fer cryin’ out loud!!!

We need this to be directed by Quentin Tarantino with Samuel L Jackson starring like yesterday.


Tornadoes can be made of what now?

Tornadoes can be made of what now?

Today I leaned about the fire tornado phenomenon.
No I did not just make that up, and no, that is not the movie of the week from the Syfy channel (even though you would be forgiven for thinking so).

With all the fires raging in California I’ve now heard multiple reports of fire tornadoes.

Another already terrifying force of nature made even more so by combining with another force of nature.

Click the link for a small scale video demonstration of how they are created.

A Car Driving through a disintegrating Matrix?

A Car Driving through a disintegrating  Matrix?

This surreal image is not the product of some car company creating an ad for their new car. Nor is it a cgi render or photoshop enhanced image.

What you see here is simply a car,on a lake, the end.

Well actually it’s not so simple. The photographers went out to Baikal lake in Russia, which is currently frozen, as it is usually from around January to May. Then they dug a hole through the surface ice, all three feet of it, in order to illuminate the car through the ice from below.
This stunning image and the others in the link are the result.

I’m no photography expert but this my friends is some stunning, wallpaper worthy photography.

Well done fellas! Well done!